Why Should Students Participate in Creative Writing Competitions?

Creative writing is a bit different from other forms of writing i.e., technical and academic. As the name suggests, it demands a writer to become a little more creative. Further, the sole purpose of this sort of writing is entertainment. The creative writing style varies, depending on the type of entertainment. e.g., In storytelling, the writer amuses people by creating fiction or real-life stories. Poetry is another form of creative writing that seems attractive due to its rhythmic flow and word choice. Other types of creative writing include movies, songs, speeches, plays, Memoirs, and personal essays. Learning any one of these is an interesting as well as time-consuming process.

Once you gain good creative writing skills, you should showcase your talent in Creative Writing Competitions. Participation in such competitions is the best way to evaluate your writing skills. Competition means to compete with the most talented students, which is very effective in learning new or polishing existing skills. Hence, this article will discuss a few benefits that a student may get from participating in a creative writing competition.

Benefits Of Participating In Creative Writing Competitions:

Irrespective of type, the writers need an audience, and the best way to gather an audience is through creative writing competitions. It is so satisfying when a student is awarded a prize for his writing skills. Rewards are the best motivation factor, especially whenever you are pursuing anything. It provides you necessary motivation to achieve your goal. Other than being appreciated, there are many other fascinating things in creative writing competitions. A few of them are as follows:

Help Get Rid Of Procrastination

Many times, we have been working on a manuscript for a long period. Though we can finish the work on time, we could not do so due to procrastinating behaviours. In such cases, creative writing competitions with certain deadlines can boost your performance. So, participation in such contests compels students to act and get rid of procrastination. It can even boost students’ confidence to finish work sooner than required.

The Best Way Of Self-Assessment

Participating in creative writing competitions is good to polish writing skills. In fact, no one can groom without knowing his flaws and strengths. Anyone who wants to improve his writing skills must do a self-assessment to know about the strengths and weaknesses in his writing. Moreover, you can also get your writing reviewed from online websites like dissertation writing services. They assist you by providing an expert opinion and critically reviewing your work. Creative writing competitions work in a similar fashion. Your submitted essay is reviewed by an expert of panels and they identify your flaws and provide some valuable suggestions to improve your writing skills.

Give You Quality Feedbacks

Quality feedbacks are honest reviews; it must be free from biasness. Sometimes, the students face biased feedback in their educational institutes. In the light of this feedback, they fail to polish their skills. So for such students, the best solution is to participate in creative writing competitions. This is because contestants and the judges do not know anything about your past. Hence their feedback will be very honest and helpful. They will highlight weak areas where you can improve. At the same time, if you have extraordinary skills, they will surely appreciate you as well.      

Showcase Your Work To The Industry

In most creative writing competitions, judges are either literary agents or independent publishers. In both cases, the competitions are valuable opportunities for those who want to publish their work. Or for those who are passionate to become an author. More, the certificate or honor of participation may help you stand out among the other participants in interviews. In short, writing competitions are bridges between the students and industry.   

You may be an outstanding writer in your class or your institute. What about the outside world? The world is full of talented people. Meeting someone better inspires you to learn more. The creative writing competitions allow you to meet different talented people and grow your writing circle. It will allow you to contact other writers and know about their sources of inspiration. Hence, meeting the legends of creative writing is a solid reason for participating in creative writing competitions.     

Writing Competitions Improve Confidence

In Stan Smith words, “Experience tells you what to do: Confidence allows you to do so”. The same goes here as participation in writing competitions itself is experience-either good or bad. The good experiences help us move on, while the bad experiences give lessons that may help us look forward. But in both cases, experiences define actions. The writing competition experiences give us a checklist to attain all necessary writing skills. Most of the confidence comes from the experience. The writing competitions improve confidence by eliminating the fear of being rejected. In short, confident students can do whatever they want to do and this confidence comes from competitions.

Competitions Improve Student’s Writing Efficacy

Creative writing competitions play an important role in improving writing efficacy. The reason is they spur students to pursue excellence. In competitions, the students strive for excellence to rank first or to get a reward. Moreover, to win a competition, a writer must follow the rules benchmarks and should stick hard to deadlines. As a result, they help students to improve their thinking abilities, writing speed and time management skills. In broader terms, these skills are necessary to produce a better manuscript. In short, the best way to polish these skills is to participate in creative writing competitions.   

Help Students To Face Rejection

The biggest challenge for students is to face rejection. No doubt, the rejection hurts, but only for the time being. After that, you will learn to face it. Fear to get rejected never let students achieve academic or writing excellence. And, the best way to overcome such fears is to face them. Hence, students can learn to face rejection by participating in competitions. Rejection in the competition pushes students in a positive direction. 

As a whole, creative writing competitions bring a twist to monotonous academic routines. You can even participate in such competitions during the winter/summer holidays. Creative writing competitions help students by opening new doors of knowledge and opportunities. They build a strong connection of students with real-world, writing experts and publishers. Other than this, another advantage of creative writing competitions is helping students to accept rejections wholeheartedly.

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