What to See in London: 7 Places You Can’t Miss

London is one of those cities that everyone should try to see at some point in their lifetime. London is a modern day metropolitan area that fits cohesively with the rich history the city also holds, making it one of the more interesting tourist destinations. If you are in the process of planning a trip to London, you’ll want to make sure that you have time to see everything on your list. This city has an infinite amount of sights to see, experiences to have and places to visit, so you’ll want to try to maximize your time. Try planning to do multiple attractions that are geographically near each other each day and use luggage storage London to help maximize any extra time on your travel days. If you are looking for a place to start when planning your trip, here are our top 7 must-see attractions in London.

Buckingham Palace

When you visit the iconic Buckingham Palace, you will want to make sure you plan to be there to see the changing of the guard. This takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday around 11 am and lasts for around 40 minutes if you want to stay for the entire event. You will gather around to watch dozens of royal English guards wearing traditional red coats and bearskin hats marching to the beat of the band in front of the Queen of England’s royal palace. Some guards travel on foot and some on horseback as they head from the Wellington Barracks to the Palace forecourt.
This is the perfect display of the culture of the British monarchy and is why we are calling it a must-see attraction for a visit to London. If you want to learn everything there is to know about the guard, make sure to check out a group tour that will narrate the event so you don’t miss out on any information. Please do note that if you are planning to go into Buckingham Palace you will need to schedule your trip in August or September as these are the only months it is open to the public.

Big Ben

In addition to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben is one of the top sights to see on any visit to London. This iconic monument is a quickly recognizable symbol of London itself and stands at an impressive 106 meters high. Here’s an insider tip for you: Big Ben isn’t actually the name of the clock tower. It is actually the name of the huge bell that is housed within the tower. The real name of the clock tower is the Elizabeth Tower and it has four massive clocks that measure 7 meters in diameter each.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is located near the Tower Bridge and stands on the north bank of the Thames River. This tower has stood tall since 1066 and once served as a royal residence and then later a prison and place of execution. In 2022 it is a site of medieval history and houses the iconic Crown Jewels. Not to mention the stunning architectural work. Visit The Tower and Bridge at night for the most stunning view of them all lit up.

The London Eye

Some cities have tried to replicate it but few live up to the name and reputation of the London Eye. The London Eye is the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe with each capsule having the ability to hold up to 25 people. That’s quite a crowd! This slow turning Ferris wheel takes 30 minutes to complete a ride so make sure to plan some time to enjoy the 360 views from the top.

Piccadilly Circus

Known as the Times Square of London, Piccadilly Circus is a bustling and high traffic area that displays massive electronic billboards that can only be compared to those of New York City. While not quite as overwhelming as Time Square, this area connects to Soho so you can enjoy the shopping areas of Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue and Covent Street during your visit. And speaking of Soho, you’ll want to spend some further time exploring the area at night.

Soho District

Soho is one of the smaller districts in London, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in liveliness. Soho is known as the hub for London’s nightlife. The streets are lined with all the hottest pubs, theaters, restaurants, and clubs. This makes it a must see for any travelers who like to experience nightlife in a new city. So if you are looking for a good place to party, head to Soho!

Oxford Street

You don’t want to end your trip to London without hitting the shops on Oxford Street. Here you will find hundreds of fashion, interior design, and accessory stores that are recognizable and classically British. You are able to browse Marks & Spencer or pop into Primark or River Island to get some uniquely British goodies.
Seeing London for the first time is sure to be an unforgettable experience for you and your travel partners. Make sure you are hitting all these crucial sights to make the most of your time in this iconic city.

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