What Should You Know about Diabetes? Can Ayurveda Help?

Diabetes is one of the commonest yet most challenging health issues that people experience. If you have diabetes, you know how it feels. But then, there are always medicines that can help you with diabetes. You can try out a good Ayurvedic Tablet for Diabetes and ensure that your health is in perfect condition. You have no idea how diabetes can transform your health and keep you healthy without any side effects.

Ayurveda is an old medical science, and it suggests solutions that could help manage diabete. Many patients with diabete find relief in the realm of Ayurveda. If you are suffering from this condition, trying Ayurveda tablets for your problem can be helpful. For now, have a detailed look at diabete and its types and more.

Types of Diabetes as per Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda, there are twenty kinds of Prameha – four types might crop up because of vata, six emerge because of pitta, and ten come up because of kapha. Madhumeha, a subtype of Prameha is underlined by urine that is sweet, and it is co-linked with diabete. Primarily you have two kinds of Prameha that are general in Ayurveda:

– Avarana

– Dhatuksyaya

Ayurveda mentions that Avarana emerges because of an obstruction in the paths of channels. The blockage could be triggered by aggravated Kapha. This triggers adult-onset diabete. On the other side, Dhatukshaya is about the depletion of tissues in your body. It can trigger juvenile diabete. Apart from this, Ayurveda believes that digestion is a very critical process.

The effective and powerful working of the digestive system needs the digestive fire called Agni to be working well. In case this digestive fire is feeble (because of Dosha imbalance or even different reasons), it might cause different issues. It outcomes in a build-up of toxins that might affect the normal operation of the body. It might also weaken the immunity, and the body fails to fight infections and ailments.

The signs of diabetes  

Some of the commonest signs of diabetes are like:

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diabetes signs:

– Dry mouth

– Extreme thirst

– Excessive hunger

– Upset stomach

– Constant fatigue

– Urge to vomit

– Sudden weight loss

– Blurry vision

diabetes signs 

– Extreme thirst

– Remarkably frequent urination

– Excessive hunger

– Unintentional weight loss

– Fatigue

– Slow-healing wounds

– Recurrent urination

Diabete might mostly mask the signs of other types of health conditions or diseases. People who have diabete could also have other health concerns, like those relating to the heart or even kidney. However, because of the condition of diabete, they might fail to realize the signs. It happens because of excess blood sugar. There are numerous cases of people suffering from a mild heart attack and not even having an idea about it because of high diabete levels. Hence, it is crucial to keep blood sugar levels under proper control.


To sum up, since you can find Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity, diabete and other health conditions; you should look into it. Ayurveda can help you heal without any side effects and effectively. Trying it out once may be really helpful.


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