What are the Pros and Cons of Choosing a Banquet as Your Venue?

As we all know there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a venue for your wedding. In all that choices, banquets have emerged as one of the most popular options opted by the couples residing in the metro cities. As they are considered to be the safest of the choices. You should always keep in mind that in weddings guests primarily come for the food…not the décor, not for the bride or groom, and not for clicking pictures. So even if there are other things high on your priority list, you have to make sure that you are choosing a banquet that has excellent caterers on its panel.

Nowadays, banquets are well-equipped with all the services required to turn your dream wedding into reality. This is the reason why most people are inclined towards choosing a Banquet Hall for the wedding. It is known to be the best possible choice with fewer hassles, well organized, and the safest of options. But with all those pros there are certain cons too…

But let’s look at the bright side first!

Easily Available

Such venues are a big hit in the market. Therefore, no matter which city you live in, you will find hundreds of options available in and around the city. From hotels with multiple spaces to standalone Banquet Halls, you can go for whatever option based on the guest list, budget as well as preference.

More privacy and suitable for intimate affairs

A closed banquet hall gives a more intimate feeling than any outdoor venue. It is more suitable for the formal gathering of all sorts. You will even witness children creating less havoc in a banquet as compared to an open lawn where they may end up breaking some stuff.

Available in all sizes

Trust us, you will find a variety of banquets suiting your preference as well as a guest list. You can get a space for 30 people or even 3000 people as well. You won’t believe us, there are certain banquet halls in Gurgaon that are as big as to accommodate 3000 guests at one time.

Requires minimal décor and setup

This is the key highlight of banquet halls. They are pre-decorated with fancy, chandeliers, lighting, carpeted floors, air conditioning, decorative wallpaper and so on. You can make minute changes as per your choice but a banquet hall is mostly a decently done up place. As a result, you don’t have to spend more to decorate your venue. Also, banquets have their set of chairs and tables available with them, so the decorator usually doesn’t need to charge you extra for that.

Resistant to bad weather

Banquet halls are the best bet in cities with extreme weather. You can’t feel too cold or too hot in a banquet hall. Plus, it can save you from the extra arrangements or backups required for a monsoon wedding. You won’t have to face any discomforts caused by the weather.

Now, it’s time to talk about the cons

Overused interiors 

Usually, all the banquets are overused if they are located in a popular area. There are high chances that people have visited the same venue many times. You may have to ditch the fact of doing something unique if you are using such a venue. So if you don’t want this to happen…then you need to check out the other options…

No or very less scope of flexibility  

As we have said before, these venues are pre-decorated which makes it very difficult to change the arrangements. By arrangements we mean – the stage area, chair, ceiling, entrance, tables and so on. Though some vendors may be accommodating to your requests, in most cases the managers may be quite rigid about making any minor or major changes in the venue settings and if they do you will be charged extra.

Very little scope of experimentation with décor 

Because of the space available at the banquet, there are chances that you may not get the stage you always dreamt of. Though vedis can be customised as they don’t require that much place… getting that grand couples stage that you may get outdoors is quite difficult or it may cost you a bomb to get what you want in certain banquets.

Restricted Wedding Vendors

A banquet hall usually has caterers and decorators on its panel which essentially means that you cannot get your caterer or decorator from outside. So, there are chances that even if the banquet may be reasonable and other vendors may be expensive and you have to go ahead with them only.

Hidden Costs

Though valet parking may seem lucrative enough to seal the deal you have to make sure that you know whether they are charging you exorbitant amounts for this service. Plus, find out about any other charges from extra hours, hidden taxes and so on.

We hope this helps!

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