Ultimate Guide about C-Curl Perm or Digital Perm

Do you want to give your hair perm style? Are you wondering to know which perm style is best for you? Do you want to give C-Curl Perm or Digital Perm to your hair? So, you are at the right place. In our article, we elaborate on everything you need to know about perming and also about C-Curl Perm or Digital Perm one by one.

Curling or perming a person’s hair involves using chemicals to change the texture of the hair. In the curling process, a hairstylist uses perm lotion before wrapping strands to rods. Let the lotion set for a few minutes before rinsing it off and thoroughly drying the hair.

Finally, the stylist will use a neutralizer to finish the perming process. With the advancement of science and technology, perms have enjoyed a renaissance in popularity. There are several ways to curl your hair instead of using a rod.

In our study, we elaborate on perming styles like C-Curl Perm and Digital Perm one by one in detail.

C-Curl Perm

With a C-Curl Perm, the hair is straightened while the ends are curved inward or outward. With smooth, bouncy, and texturized hair and a contouring effect on the jawline, this hairstyle is suitable for a wide range of face shapes and types.

It creates a high volume to your hair without the addition of too many curls. This perming style is best suited for short to shoulder-length hair. C-Curl Perm also minimized the overall hair length. As shorter hair length ladies enjoy this perming as it looks more popular in recent years.

Round and oval-shaped faces look gorgeous with side-swept bangs elongating the face profile, while chicks with square or heart-shaped faces should ask for longer tops to enhance the profile. 

How to get C-Curl Perm?

If you want to get a C-Curl perm style for your hair, then you should have to follow these steps to give C-Curl perming style. Now, let’s have a look at these easy steps.

  • Start by applying a degreasing volume to your hair roots to get C-Curl buoyant bounce. Then brush your hair with a round brush after scrunching the texture into it. 
  • On the subject of curling, make use of a good curler with a clip-and-curl mechanism that as its name indicates, automatically clips and curls the ball. The swirls are specially designed to give what we need. 
  • To curl your hair inwards towards your chin, grab sections of hair on your ear and coil it around your iron. Release the locks, and then run your fingers through them to separate the strands when they have set. 
  • With a medium-sized boar-bristle brush, add random chunks to the crown for more volume, and seal the look with liberal sprites of setting spray. Now, you are done.

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Steps to Maintain C-Curl Perm

Here, we enlisted some ways by adopting which you can maintain your c-curl perming for long-lasting.

  • If you want your hair to last for 48 hours, you need to wait for 48 hours before washing your hair.
  • You must have to use those hair products which are made only for curls.
  • Don’t use the usual cotton towel
  • You don’t use any heat styling tool which harms your perming.
  • Trim your hair regularly.
  • Dropdown your comb.
  • Stop touching your hair again and again.

How long does your C-Curl per take?

If you maintained your perm well, it can last for up to 6 t10 months. On the other hand, if you neglect to take care of your permit may change or break down into a fizzy mess.

Digital Perm

Digital perm is one of the most famous perming styles nowadays. It gives more volume with waves and curls.  To perm thick hair and create a bouncy and light finish, those who have thicker hair often use layers to thin out their hair. Those with thin hair might have difficulty managing their style due to the humidity making the hair frizzy as a result of too many layers.

Things to remember before getting Digital Perm

Some factors depend on the selection of the right hair perming style. You should try Royal hair Studio best hair salon in Singapore for effective outcomes if you don’t know how to do it. Here, we enlisted some important things that you must have to know before going to get Digital Perm. Let’s move on.

  1. The first main thing about Digital perm is that it is an expensive and time taking piercing. The cost of a digital perm varies according to the length and fullness of your hair. You have to spend more time and money to get a digital perm for longer hair.
  2. Next, make sure that you want to take digital perm. It can last anywhere from a few months or a year.
  3. Make sure that you want to invest in hair products. If you want this perm, be prepared to invest in products since it is so expensive.
  4. To avoid frizzing your hair when you have curly hair, you should avoid running your fingers through it. So, in this case, you twirl your hair.

Can Digital Perm cause baldness?

Perming can be very drying, but it is unlikely to cause hair loss since it does not harm the hair. In severe cases, the chemicals and heat of the perm can burn the scalp, resulting in bald patches. Several things can lead to this genetic condition like hair trauma.

Nut Shell

We hope that this article helps you a lot while choosing the best perming style for your hair. So, visiting Royal Hair Studio will provide you with a better understanding of what kind of perm will work for your hair and condition before making a decision you may regret.

Hairstylists are capable of giving tips on taking care of your curls after getting a perm because they are familiar with humid weather conditions and how to style hair there.

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