Type 82 DC Relay – Designed for Exceptional Performance

The SWARTZ Type-82 DC Reclosing Relay is an integral component of a solid-state reclosing system designed to prevent DC breakers from closing on a faulted line. This relay ensures that the fault on the load side is verified before allowing the breaker to close, and it also has the capability to automatically re-close the breaker when the line is clear. The Type 82 Relay is specifically engineered for use in both light and heavy rail systems.


1. Construction by draw-out

2. LED Meter – Accurate and easy to read

3. Load Measure memory

4. Bi-Directional Load Measurement

5. Voltage Compensation

6. Internal Power Supply automatically compensates and operates with a wide range of DC inputs

7. Fault Annunciation

8. Calibration Built into the System

9. Modular Construction


The SWARTZ DC Reclosing Relay is a self-powered unit that transmits converted, properly scaled bus voltages to the relay. The transducer, within the self-powered unit, sends appropriately scaled bus voltages to the relay. The relay can be remotely mounted from the transducer to avoid exposure to traction voltage. Responsive to inputs, the relay performs functions such as voltage measurement, load measurement, sequencing, and indication.

The relay measures the voltage on the load side of the breaker and, if it exceeds preset values, closes the breaker. It also maintains the line voltage measurement and measures the differential voltage when activated. The breaker will only close if the differential voltage exceeds the preset value. The relay’s set value is the voltage generated by measuring the current at the feeder’s minimum resistance. Adjustment options include the time for each step in the sequence, the number of attempts, and levels for voltage and dead-load pickup. Contact us today for your product needs!

For nearly half a century, Swartz Engineering has been at the forefront of industry safety. They are a family-owned company specializing in power distribution for the electrical industry. They are the leading manufacturer of DC 82. DC 82 relay is designed to be used on light and heavy rail systems.

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