Top 5 Reasons To Get a 11×17 Scanner

A digital scanner is an essential tool for moving information from the physical to the digital realm. Data digitization is necessary for the age of the internet. Often, you need to manage documents of various sizes and specifications. A larger scanner can be beneficial for flexibility in the workplace.

Benefits of a Large Scanner

A larger scanner will give you more versatile scanning capabilities without losing what you liked about a smaller scanner. You have more room to scan larger double-letter size documents, but can still go all the way down to a business card using the adjustable guides. Give yourself more options when it comes to digitizing your data.

1. Built-In Features

High-resolution cameras ensure clear images with every pass. These cameras also support optical character recognition, which converts physical text to machine-readable text. 

Bundled software improves the quality of your scans. It cleans up your documents and keeps them artifact-free. You can also choose from plenty of formatting selections to fit the unique needs of your business or database.

2. Legal Specifications

If you work in the legal industry, most of the documents you handle are formatted in double-letter size. A scanner built to these specifications will benefit your productivity and organization.

An 11×17 scanner includes an automated paper protector, which halts production quickly in the event of a jam. This keeps important papers from being destroyed. In a law office, almost every document is sacred.

3. Expanded Digitization Options

The types of paper goods you need to digitize are rarely standardized. When handling records, portfolios, and business items, you aren’t limited to thin, flat documents that are 8×11 and smaller. A scanner 11×17 gives you a broader surface and can handle mixed-size batches efficiently.

There is also a manual mode equipped to handle thick documents like certificates or envelopes. This can be especially handy for scanning artwork and old family photos.

4. Document Management

Feeding documents into a scanner by hand is time-consuming. Let a large format scanner do the work for you with convenient feeding and exit stacking features. A built-in skewer reducer prevents the documents from misaligning. Just put it in a pile and let it go. 

Duplex scanning will scan both sides of a document without any intervention on your part. This hands-off feature helps to keep documents in order. If you have multiple scanners, you can manage them together with specialized software, giving you even more freedom of movement while your work gets done.

5. Compact Footprint

An 11×17 scanner can still easily fit on a desk. It is portable, standalone, and simple to set up. As long as you have access to power, you can scan away.

Large scanners are also easy to maintain. To clean them, all you need is a wipe. Parts and consumables are easy to replace. If you run into any problems, the warranty will cover any repairs.

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Find a Quality 11×17 Scanner

Not just any document scanner will do, look for a model that includes all the features you need and can handle a rigorous demand. Find a trustworthy company that has a history of quality products and go from there. Invest in a tool that you can use for years to come.

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