The Haunting Hour: Nighttime Rituals for Ageless Skin

Spooky season offers a welcome change from sweltering summertime. But when it’s your reflection that’s scary, improving your skincare regimen is essential. So make like a mummy and preserve your skin for when you wake, as the body goes into repair mode while you snooze. 

Upgrade your nighttime ritual to rival the intentionality of a witch’s potion — but without the complexity. The proper routine and potion-worthy ingredients will have your skin defying its age faster than you can say “Boo!”

1. Set the Foundation for Your Skincare Spell-Casting

Crack your neck and move that green ribbon aside: It’s time to plot out your skincare routine. As with any worthwhile endeavor, you need to have a plan for your skincare goals. For your evening skincare magic, you’ll need to combine removal of the grit, grime, and cosmetics of the day with restoration.

Remove any makeup, daytime skincare products, and dirt with gentle micellar water. This skincare superhero gently lifts impurities away without a sting. Then, double-cleanse with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a foaming or gel cleanser to whisk away the remaining oil. By double-cleansing and ensuring all makeup is removed, your anti-aging treatment and skincare products will be their most effective. 

2. Slough Off Old Layers Like Last Year’s Costume

Applying treatments to dead skin cells makes as much sense as trick-or-treating at an abandoned house — there’s no reward. Ensure skincare success by shedding old, tired skin cells to prepare for well-chosen treatments. Choose a gentle chemical exfoliant, like alpha or beta hydroxy acids, which can be used day or night. 

Alternate a mild daily exfoliant with more intense resurfacing treatments. Physical exfoliants often combine the effectiveness of their gritty texture with lactic and salicylic acid to smooth and nourish the skin. Review product labeling and observe recommendations to avoid over-application, neutralizing other treatments, or irritating the skin. After exfoliating, your skin will be ready to accept treatments and serums with the maximum absorption potential. 

3. Banish Hollowed Eyes

Gray-ringed eyes may be fun for your ghoulish costume, but on a daily basis, it’s a less-than-desirable look. Say “Be gone!” to hollowed eyes with effective eye care treatments and techniques. First, treat your delicate under-eye skin as the high-maintenance diva it is. This sensitive, thin, and tricky area is often the first one to announce your biological age. 

Slather on evening eye cream to thicken thin skin, which otherwise lets the blue cast from blood vessels shine bright. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid can plump skin without causing puffiness, while caffeine constricts blood vessels. This powerful combination can keep under-eye circles at bay, while tretinoin cream — a retinoid — can smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Use a thin layer of Vaseline to lock in treatments and retain moisture. 

4. Treat Unwelcome Signs of Aging Like a Modern-Day Dorian Gray

Now that you’ve cleansed and exfoliated your skin and tended to the delicate eye area, it’s time to reverse aging overnight. First, consider your skincare goals and the areas you want to improve the most. Then, create a treatment schedule that helps you get there every time your head hits the pillow. While this level of detail may seem extreme, it’s an important part of achieving age-defying impact. Powerful treatments yield great results, but if used out of order or applied too often, they can be neutralized or worse — cause irritation. 

Use retinol to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, boost cell turnover, and even skin tone. Alternate retinol with vitamin C to get the best of both, without too much intensity. Hydroquinone cream works to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage or melasma. Give treatments time to sink in before moving on, as they need time to settle into the skin. Apply extra sunscreen by day when using retinol, as it makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays. 

5. Make Nefertiti Proud With Your Moisture Retention Practices

You may not go in for ancient mummification practices, but you can’t deny their preservation effectiveness. Take a modern-day approach to locking in your youth by maximizing your evening moisturizer routine. After applying your treatments, use a non comedogenic moisturizer to lock in all your hard work. 

Skincare oils with anti-aging properties like blue tansy, chamomile, and chia plump lines and wrinkles while soothing redness. Individuals with dry and regular skin may find success with skin oils daily, while those with oily or combination skin may not. Most skin types will do well with a thick nighttime moisturizer featuring ceramides, which help cells retain moisture for longer. Apply over the top of treatments, by the ears, and down the neck and chest for the best results. 

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Defy Age Better Than a Sanderson Sister

With a skincare routine designed to turn back time, you’ll achieve skin so good that your friends will start to suspect you of witchcraft. By nourishing your skin, promoting faster cell turnover, and locking in moisture, you’ll see brighter, more youthful skin each morning. 

Stay consistent in your pursuit of ageless skin, recording your routine and results to determine what works best for you. Adjust accordingly until you develop your perfect age-defying formula, modifying it over time as needs change. Then, it’ll be up to you whether to spill your magic skincare secrets or keep them in the dark.   

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