The Best Tool Bags for Electricians

Electricians are one of the most sought-after trades no matter where you go in the world. The best electricians are the ones who know what they’re doing and have the tools to hand to save themselves, and their customers time – because time is money when you’re an electrician.

Some electricians work for private companies, others work for themselves. Depending on which one you’re serving, you may not need a tool kit, as some of your tools may be in the back of your work truck/van. However, if you’re a one-man-band, there’s nothing worse than getting all the way to a job site and not having a critical tool that you need.

This is why it’s essential that, as an electrician, you have your tools all neatly packed away inside a tool bag. This tool bag can be big or small, but the critical part is making sure you have everything you need. This doesn’t mean packing it to the gunnels with every electrician’s tool that you own, however. Be selective and re-stock your tool kit before every job.

Here are some of the best tool bags for electricians on the market.

Klein Tools 20 Pocket Tradesman Pro Tote

For those who prefer to carry their load light and in a compact fashion, we have the 20-pocket Tradesman Pro Tote from Klein. Boasting a 1680d ballistic weave and a moulded bottom, the bag is damn-near indestructible. Combine that with a bright brown interior, allowing for ease of access and making it easy for you to see where things are.

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Dewalt 18-inch Tool Carrier

This large bag with a metal-moulded, padded handle makes for fantastic carrying for those who don’t like shoulder straps. At inches long, it’s quite the lengthy beast, but boasts 34 pockets – 16 exterior and 18 interior. It also has a level cradle, an electrical tape strap , a clip for your tape measure and a pocket for your utility knife.

Custom Leathercraft – 50 Pocket Bag

For those who like pockets, the CLC 1539 bag is where it’s at. With 50 individual pockets to choose from, you won’t ever run out of places to put stuff. External elastic straps keep hammers secure, rugged polymer fabric body, shoulder straps and padded handles make for carrying comfort. The only drawback is that it isn’t water-resistant or waterproof, however a quick spray with a waterproofing solution should do the trick.

Dewalt 33 Pocket Tool Bag

This great tool bag is the best bang for your buck, if you’re a beginner electrician. Complete with a padded shoulder strap and four rubber feet on the bottom, making sure that you don’t have to leave it on any wet or grimy surfaces. The top of the bag is zipped and features a pop-up design. 

No matter what your budget or experience, an electrician’s tool kit is his or her best friend. It’s there when you need it and if you take care of it, will serve you for years to come. It’s the kind of item you typically buy once every few years. If you need some waterproofing, it’s a good idea to spray your bag with a waterproofing solution. Make sure you unpack, clean and then re-pack your bag every once in a while, to maintain the best quality possible. 

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