The Best Spiritual Gifts To Get Your Father This Father’s Day – 2022

Fathers are the unshakeable foundation on which we stand, the force that drives, protects, and nurtures us. With Father’s Day approaching, it’s critical that we recognise and celebrate fathers’ efforts to provide for and care for their children and families. Every day is an opportunity to express your gratitude and affection, but this day serves as a terrific reminder to go above and above for them. It’s time we took care of them, too, after years of taking care of us!

Father’s Day is observed to honour fatherhood in all of its forms and varieties. However, it is no secret that shopping for dads is no easy task! This year, though, we’ve got you covered with great gift ideas to make Dad happy. Karma & Luck sells genuine gemstone jewellery that is ideal as a present for any occasion. These lovely pieces will show your father how much he matters to you with their unique styles and numerous healing advantages.

The following are our top seven gift suggestions for dad. Continue reading to find the ideal gift for your favourite guy!

For Father’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of our personal favourites.

Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree for Love Harmony

Don’t worry if your father isn’t into jewels. We haven’t forgotten about you. Karma & Luck has a large selection of Feng Shui trees that are both beautiful and strong. These ornamental pieces, which are made with genuine gemstones, have the same positive traits and qualities as gemstone jewellery. What’s the finest thing about them? They’re ideal as a present!

Since 7,000 B.C., rose quartz has been utilised as a beautiful pink stone. Rose quartz facial treatments have been used by Egyptian and Roman women for centuries to purify their complexions and prevent wrinkles.

A widespread relationship with joy, abundance, love, and energy is one of the Feng Shui tree’s benefits. It has been claimed that it can prevent heart attacks and thrombosis. It also regulates and boosts your circulatory system, ensuring that your muscles remain powerful and smooth. Rose quartz is thought to strengthen the link between a mother and her child by allowing loving energy to flow freely.

Amethyst Crystals from Oasis Feng Shui Tree of Copper

The deep purple stone amethyst is extremely good to both physical and mental health. If you’re worried about your father’s health, this Feng Shui tree would be the ideal gift to help him get back on his feet and back to himself.

Relaxing Copper Tree Lullaby Feng Shui Lullaby Feng Shui Lullaby Feng Shui Lullaby Feng Shui Lu

Aquamarine is a dreamy, ethereal blue gemstone that encourages peace and tranquillity. If your father has been under a lot of stress lately, this Feng Shui tree would be a great Father’s Day present to cheer him up.

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Feng Shui Multi-Stone Tree Rejuvenate

The Invigorate Feng Shui multi-stone tree is a stunning work of art that will brighten anyone’s day simply by glancing at it. It’s the ideal statement piece for a splash of colour. It is made up of six different coloured manifestation gemstones. Each stone has its own set of healing properties, making it a potently healing object to have around the house.

Blessings of Amethyst Stone Wall Repair

You won’t have to break the bank this Father’s Day with the Soothing Repair amethyst stone wall blessing, which costs only $70. The hamsa hand, an ancient sign of protection, is featured on this lovely wall hanging.

The hamsa hand is known for uniting the good and dismissing the bad, as well as delivering positive energy and counteracting negative energy. The evil eye sign seen on some hamsa hands is actually a watchful eye that shields the user from the evil eye’s malevolent influence. It’s like a “anti-evil eye,” bringing positivity while protecting the user from harmful energies.

Although the hamsa hand is associated with good fortune and fertility in different religions and cultures, its primary spiritual meaning is protection from the evil eye. The evil eye started off as a symbol, but it’s now more generally connected with negative energy brought on by someone with malice or by cruel looks. The hamsa hand is known for uniting the good and dismissing the bad, as well as delivering positive energy and counteracting negative energy.

This Father’s Day, give your father a present that does it all with this stunning and powerful piece!

Silver Cross Necklace – Leap of Faith

The silver cross necklace, The Leap of Faith, costs $189. It has a cross pendant with tiger’s eye and onyx stones as the main stones. This necklace is made of 925 silver pendant sterling and offers optimum protection, making it the ideal Father’s Day gift!

By demonstrating trust in the Christian religion, this cross pendant is a meaningful piece of jewellery. Cross pendants are worn by non-Christians as well, despite its religious connotation. A cross pendant, on the other hand, typically indicates one’s faith in Christ. It also signifies acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice for the world’s redemption, as well as self-acceptance in the sense that Jesus loves and accepts you just as you are.

Silver Evil Eye Bracelet for Stress Relief

The onyx stone is the focal point of the Stress Soother silver evil eye bracelet. This bracelet, which costs $59, is constructed with genuine gemstones of the best quality and an evil eye charm to ward off negative energy. This healing bracelet is the ideal present for anyone.

This bracelet is basic and attractive, and it adds a modest touch of style to Dad’s outfit. When someone wears or carries an evil eye, they are protected from bad luck in their lives. It is meant to bring you good fortune and protect you from any bad luck that may come your way.

Every year, the evil eye appears to gain in favour, particularly among celebrities. Among the early pioneers were Madonna, Britney Spears, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, and a slew of other A-listers have recently been spotted wearing evil eye jewellery.

These powerful ingredients when combined yield limitless advantages, making this necklace an amazing Father’s Day gift!

This Father’s Day – Make it Extra Special! 

Fathers provide so much for their children that it is only right that they be honoured on this day. What better way to show someone you care than to give them a present that will both protect and heal them? Show dad some extra love this year with one-of-a-kind gemstone masterpieces from Karma & Luck. Shop our entire assortment of men’s jewellery and home goods on our website!

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