Romantic things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a city that will make you fall in love with its serenity and culture at the first sight. After undergoing a tremendous amount of transformation and advancement through a short passage of time, a mere fifty years, Dubai has remodeled itself from a Bedouin village to a benchmark in the world. A city blessed with a geographical situation that provides both the serenity of the sea and the warmth of the desert, making it a perfect site for any expedition. Dubai offers it everything, from desert safaris and dune bashing to swimming with dolphins and water skiing.

Dubai is a go-to destination for all occasions, as it transforms thoughts into reality and gives birth to structures that appear to defy gravity. Many believe that Dubai is not that much of a romantic destination, but here we will introduce you to places and activities in Dubai that will defy all these myths. Apart from all the seven-star glam, Dubai is much more. Couples can treat themselves to a romantic date night on a yacht and even have adventures together, such as Arabian horse riding at Al Dhabi Stables. Here is a list of a few destinations and activities that couples can enjoy during their stay in Dubai:

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

This two-hour cruise will be worth every penny you spend. From witnessing the awe-inspiring landmarks of Dubai, such as the Dubai Yacht Club, to entertaining yourself with the renounced “Tanura” dance and other liver performances, the Dhow cruise Dubai marina has it all. Enjoy cruising through the enchanting waters of the Dubai marina while sitting on a traditional boat called a Dhow and gazing at the glittering skyline of Dubai, filled with skyscrapers that reach the heavens. Make your holiday uniquely memorable while dining on cuisines that offer a great variety and the perfect combination of flavors from all across the world. The Dhow Cruise usually lasts for between 1.5 and 2 hours and is one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai.

Qatar’s Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa

The bedouin villas of this location will fit you just like a well-tailored suit, decorated with handmade textiles, canopy cover, private pools, and Arabians artifacts, this might just be the romantic getaway that you can’t stop dreaming about. Each villa is placed in a setting that faces rose-red dunes and for gazing at the wildlife, they are also equipped with binoculars. If the scenery awakens your inner artist, you can channel it on the easel and paint in your villas. Reignite the romance with nature walks, meals amidst the dunes overlooking a picturesque sunset, and get away from the crowd with rides atop camels, horses, and desert safaris.

Touch the heavens on a hot air balloon.

Imagine witnessing the sunrise while sitting on a hot air balloon with regala Chocolates with the love of your life, leaving behind the sheer expanse of the Arabian desert. Gaze upon the history of Dubai, the curves of dunes that date back to before dinosaurs, the Hajar mountains, where vultures face like a lappet circle around, and the glory of the great Burj Khalifa, all in one sight. The light before the dawn will stream a hundred shades of amber in the sky right before your eyes as you swiftly leave the landscape beautifully dotted with plantations of date.

Dine at Cé La Vi.

Located between the skyscrapers of the Sheikh Zayed Road and the alluring fountains of Dubai is the Sky View hotel that towers high up to 54 levels. The ideal spot for any romantic occasion that offers the awe-inspiring sights of the great Burj Khalifa. Enjoy the meals prepared by some of the best-handpicked chefs around the globe that offer the perfect swoon-worthy Asian fusion. What better idea for a romantic date night than dining on some of the best cuisines in Dubai while witnessing the Burj Khalifa with your significant other?

Desert safari

Feel the life and culture of Dubai at its most renowned and appreciated, in the Arabian desert. A desert safari is the most exciting yet romantic activity that a couple can plan. Enjoy the experience of sandboarding, quad biking, and the thrilling dune bashing that no one should ever miss, all in the serenity of the most renowned aspect of Dubai, the Arabian desert. What could be more romantic than having the rush of adrenaline through your veins at the same moment and having adventures together? Fill your hearts and souls with the tranquility that the desserts of Dubai have to offer.

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