Reasons behind the Gigantic Success of Online Ludo Games

Ludo has emerged to be a giant in the online section of the modern gaming industry. All online players at the moment are invested in playing the game of Ludo and challenging different players across the globe. It has been quite interesting to see the rise of the game on the Internet’s gaming marketplace due to the digital incursion of video games over the past few decades.

The pandemic that began in late 2019 ended up barricading everyone inside their homes for over a year. People could not cope with social estrangement, and the online world seemed to emerge as the sole savior. Statistically, by 2020, Ludo could generate the most traffic on its online servers, outranking any other game with maximum users stacking on the side of Ludo.

To play the Ludo game online with friends and family, you have to head over to the websites from where you can get a free installation of the game directly on your device. In the list below, we have selected some of the unique factors contributing to making it one of the significant successes in today’s online world.

Ease of Play

The rules to play the game are extremely simple. Ludo includes a board of four colored quadrants, four tokens for each player, and a dice. Players have to throw the dice to get the correct numbers to move in the game. Making a throw of six lets you open your pieces in the game. However, too many consecutive sixes cancel their stack and make you begin your turn again. The rules can be memorized by playing a few turns of the game with concentration. To set up the game on your phone, you have to install a version from any website, and you can begin playing with rivals online after just a single sign-up. The player match matching is also quite exciting and has no glitches like other games. There is no waiting time in the queue, and within seconds you can find the right rivals to start your game with. The controls for throwing the dice and moving the pieces are well placed, and the game can be played using only one hand.

Cultural Impact

Culture is a unique part of humanity, and in terms of gaming, people are very particular about what games they choose to play and how it is bound to history. Ludo comes from a rich Indian heritage that is over 1400 years old. The game was inspired by the old Indian game Pachisi which was widely popular in ancient India. The reinvention of the game by Indian game developers reintroduced it to the gaming market, which immediately helped grab a lot of players of all ages. Ludo is a reminder that India has been the forerunner in innovation, technology, science, and even arts since ancient times. This bridge between culture and the humble board game has created a binding effect on people that made the online version rise to the top last year, and presently it is still in the top five of most played games globally.

Boosts Brain Health

Ludo is not just something you can play to kill your leisure time. The game benefits the health of your brain and increases your cognitive skills. To play the game, players have to use both their logic and creativity to win past rivals that they come across online. The game gives you four tokens where you can win by advancing them into the final winning grid. As you make your way across the board, you will face the other players in the same space of the quadrant as your pieces. At this time, the player must use the numbers from the dice quite carefully. The trick is to separate all your turns among all tokens so that the piece leading your game has support from the ones behind. You have to strategically utilize your turns to capture the opponent’s and push your piece toward the goal to seal the win. This parallel thinking forces you to use both parts of your brain, which involves practicality and innovation. The balance between these two playing aspects will give you an edge over other players and help you keep them restrained while making their plays. Finding out these loopholes within the newly timed online version becomes a tremendous exercise for your brain and keeps your mind active throughout the day. A healthy brain improves your memory quality and helps you avoid age-related ailments that usually fall upon most people.

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Simple Graphics and Unlimited Fun

Online Ludo is one of the few games that has retained almost every aspect of the classic board game. The user interface of the game is vibrant, yet the controls are straightforward and understandable at the same time. The small size and smooth graphic output put the slightest pressure on your device, and you can clock hours of gameplay on it without having to think much about the battery life of your system. It utilizes your spare time perfectly and lets you connect with innumerable people worldwide and experience quality fun. The craze does not seem to stop anytime soon, with new modes being introduced alongside the classic version.

Final Thoughts

The game has grabbed the hearts of millions worldwide with its deep connection to south Asia. In the modern world of global connectivity, people from the west are taking great interest in the ways of the east. This proves to be an ideal time for Ludo to be released into the online market. The game introduces the olden culture to the new audience in a way that has not been done before, resulting in so much acceptance from the latest digital audience.

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