Paying Attention to Signs: A Guide to Numerology Psychics

Numerology is the fascinating study of numbers and their relationship to the universe. Numbers are everywhere around you and they all mean something. Numerology psychic readings help to interpret those numbers for you. Don’t let all these messages pass you by.

Number Meanings

Single digits are the building blocks of numerology. These are the most foundational meanings of the numbers you see around you. Even large numbers can become single digits. This is done by adding multiple digits together. For example, for the number 231, 2 + 3 + 1 = 6. 

Each digit has a meaning. The number 4 is practical, loyal and service-oriented. The number 7 is spiritual, curious and analytical. Interpreting each number and its meaning in relation to the others is what a numerologist can do for you.

Numerology Chart

Your numerology chart is a comprehensive reading of all the major numbers in your life. All of these are based on your birthday and your full birth name. This means your chart is unique to you. These important numbers are:

  • Life path number: This is the most significant number, showing you what your life path looks like. It is calculated by adding up all the digits in your birth date until you reach on single digit.
  • Expression number: Also known as the destiny number, this number reveals your deep inner goals and desires. This is calculated using your full birth name.
  • Birthday number: This number is calculated by adding up the digits of your birth date day and month. This is most useful when considered in context with all your other chart numbers.
  • Personality number: This number is self-explanatory, and represents your personality. This is calculated using the consonants in your full birth name.
  • Soul urge number: This number reveals the nature of your soul, or what you have to offer to the world in terms of talent. This is calculated using the vowels in your birth name.

Repeating Numbers

Repeating numbers are also sometimes known as angel numbers. This is because you see these numbers when your spirit guide or higher self needs to send you an important message. 111 and 222 are frequently reported as repeating numbers seen by people.

You can determine your angel numbers if you pay attention to the patterns of numbers you see around you. Oracle card psychic readings may also pick up on numbers you missed on your own.

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Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers are the numbers that relate to you favorably. These are calculated using your personal characteristics and life cycles, including astrological changes. You can have both lifetime lucky numbers and temporary lucky numbers. Your lifetime numbers overlap with your life path numbers, as discussed above.

Temporary lucky numbers can change by month, calendar year and on each birthday. A numerologist can calculate these for you regularly. Past life psychic readings may even illuminate even more lucky numbers for you in this life.

An experienced numerologist can analyze your numbers and teach you how to read the signs for yourself. That way you can recognize and read messages as they occur during your day-to-day life. Find yourself a reliable psychic online to consult with at your convenience.

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