Patty Gardell Net Worth, Biography, Age, and Wiki

If you are looking for Patty Gardell Net Worth, you’ve come to the right place. This famous actress has been in the spotlight since 2001, when she got married to comedian Billy-Gardell. Her net worth has not been revealed, but it is estimated to be $3 million. She hasn’t disclosed her parents or siblings. There are no records of her educational qualifications, so we can only guess at her age and other facts.

Famous American Actor

Billy-Gardell is a famous American actor and stand-up comedian. He was born in 1969. When he was very young, he lived in Florida with his mother. He has two brothers. The couple has never spoken to each other when they first met. The couple started dating in 1999, and in early 2001, they got engaged. In mid-2001, they got married and lived in Los Angeles.

Famous Comic

As a matter of fact, her husband is a famous comic. They met while working at Bonkerz and began performing at open mic nights. Their friendship and romance led to many roles, including the role of Mike Biggs on the popular sitcom Mike & Molly. After that, the couple had a recurring role in Yes, Dear, where he played a corrupt cop. In 2013, they visited Niagara Falls, ON, Canada and were spotted together at the tourist spot. The couple currently lives in Studio City, California.

Famous Husband’s Income

In addition to her famous husband’s income, Patty Gardell has several children of her own. She and Billy Gardell have one son, William, who was born in 2003. Their two children share a home in the United States. While they’re not in the public eye, they are very well-read. This also means that Patty’s family stays out of the spotlight.

In addition to her acclaimed acting and television roles, Patty Gardell is a well-known voice artist, game show host, and stand-up comedian. In Ice Age, she played a police officer. Her screen name was Mike Biggs. She has a total of twenty-five million dollars in net worth. She is also known as a voice artist and has appeared in several films.

Two Narratives

Despite her booming career, she maintains a private life. Although she is very private, she has appeared in two narratives. Her husband is also an actor. Her husband Billy Gardell is an acclaimed actor. His net worth is estimated to be $120 million. Her age is 54. Her husband is a writer and a professional comedian. He has been on stage for almost four decades.

The net worth of Patty Gardell is $10 million as of 2021. She has been married to Billy Gardell for over 10 years, and is a well-known wife and mother. Her net worth is a million dollars as of today’s standards. Aside from her husband, she’s a famous American personality. She’s a mother of three children, a grandmother, and a grandmother to her brother.

Net Worth of Patty Gardell

The net worth of Patty Gardell is estimated at $8 million. Her husband, Billy, is a comedian and a standup comedian. Their son, William Gardell, was born in 2003. The couple have a great relationship and a great home. The couple is also a mother of two. In spite of her fame, her husband is a father. It’s worth noting that Billy is a father of three.

Besides her career, the actress is a mother of three. She is married to her husband, Billy Gardell, and they have one son, William. Her husband’s net worth is $3 million, and she has no major ties to any other celebrities. The couple is very private and rarely makes headlines. But her family and friends are not shy. She is also an actress.

Final Words:

Patty Gardell has a son, William III, born in 2003. She and Billy Gardell are still married. She has been married to Billy for 20 years. There are no extramarital affairs between her husband. They live in Studio City, California. The actor’s wife is a former schoolteacher who has raised three children. The couple’s son is an actor.


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