Important Tips to Sell Jewelry on Amazon

Selling jewelry on online platforms can be a very lucrative career as the ecommerce industry is rapidly expanding and attracting more and more people with time. Since Amazon is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world, it is only logical that you are familiar with the process of how to sell jewelry on Amazon to reach the massive audience of Amazon and start making profits. 

In this article, you will get some great tips to sell jewelry on Amazon successfully and expand your customer base.

How to Sell Jewelry on Amazon?

The most important thing to know about selling jewelry on Amazon is that only authorized sellers are allowed to sell jewelry on Amazon. The good thing is that it is quite easy to get approval from Amazon by creating a seller’s account and using the ‘Request for Approval’ option to start selling jewelry. 

Once you get the approval, the next step is to create product listings. You can create effective product listings by following these tips:

  • Write an attractive title and description of the product. Optimize the description with relevant keywords so that potential customers can find the jewelry easily. 
  • Add high-quality images and videos. These are important in product listings to give a clear and attractive view to the customers. 
  • Display the customer reviews to tell people how you satisfy your customers. 
  • Maintain thorough inventory reports to ensure you have a clear snapshot of what you have and what you do not have in your inventory. 

Tips to Sell Jewelry on Amazon

If you want to compete with the existing jewelry sellers on Amazon and make your place on Amazon as a successful seller, you should implement the following tips and tricks:

Optimize the Product Listings

Amazon has over 15 million products, so if you want your jewelry listings to stand out and show in the top searches, you should focus on optimizing the product listings. Optimizing the listings includes providing accurate and thorough information about the product and using relevant titles, descriptions, and other additional details that can make it easy for people to search your products. 

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Use High-Quality Pictures

Whenever you are selling a product on any ecommerce platform, like Amazon, you must add high-quality pictures and/or videos to impress the potential customers and make them your loyal fans. In the case of selling jewelry on Amazon, using high-quality images becomes even more important as it is quite difficult to fully describe a piece of jewelry in words. At the same time, a good picture will fully reflect the quality and beauty of the jewelry. 

Competitive Cost

Whenever people are shopping online, there is a high chance that they use filters to sort the products by their ratings and price. Everyone wants to get high-quality products at a minimum price. Therefore, you should use competitive pricing to ensure you are meeting the industry standards. 

Unless the piece of jewelry you are offering is unique, you will be able to set a suitable price according to the cost used by your competitors. Setting a lower price is often useful in showing the product listing at the very top of the search results and gaining more customers. 

General Tricks to Sell Jewelry on Amazon

If you want to sell jewelry on Amazon successfully, you should follow these tips:

  • Get familiar with the terms and conditions of Amazon and make sure you are not violating any of the policies. 
  • Start selling jewelry on Amazon with at least ten products. Having a variety of products will help you attract more people. 
  • Follow the reviews and ratings to ensure people are happy with your products. 
  • Monitor the sales and inventory. 
  • Operate within the shipping and processing guidelines specified by Amazon. 
  • Write attractive product titles by capitalizing the first letter of each word and keeping them short. 
  • Use relevant keywords in product titles and product descriptions to ensure users are able to find the product easily. 
  • Avoid using all capital letters, commas, and dashes. 
  • Do not add personal seller information. 
  • Use high-quality images. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the pictures for you. 
  • Show the entire product in images or videos. 


By following these tips on how to sell jewelry on Amazon, you will be able to become a successful seller on Amazon. These tips facilitate you in exploring the massive audience of Amazon to establish a successful jewelry business. Ultimately, if your product listings are well-optimized and attractive enough for potential buyers, you will not have any issue in selling the products and making huge profits via Amazon. 

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