Ideas and Tips for Your Next Bahamian Cruise

Float through crystal-clear waves and relax on pristine beaches. Vist private island resorts, defining tranquility in this bustling Bahamas area. Spend the day lounging on the beach or snorkeling off the coast. You can find a Bahamas cruise that meets almost any schedule, with options for a quick escape or a week-long Caribbean vacation for the whole family. These are a few reasons you should book a trip to the Bahamas.

Things To do While in the Bahamas

The Bahamas, with its remarkable shades of sapphire and pleasant warm breezes, is the ideal location for maritime excursions. Dive and discover underwater worlds, encounter the ocean’s wonders, and shop for island treasures by the sea on the top Bahamas cruises. Here are some of the fun things to do while on your trip:

  • Coast and plunge through temperate waters to Rainbow Reef, a spectacular coral reef in Bimini. In Grand Bahama, visit fascinating shipwrecks like the Sea Star and Theo’s Wreck. Also, go for an exciting wall dive to explore the deep reef borders.
  • Head to Atlantis, the beautiful resort by the sea with the world’s largest marine habitat, and Aquaventure,  the most spectacular waterpark around, for water adventures and intimate experiences with pelagic species.
  • Explore the activities center in Bimini, the straw market in Grand Bahama, and the luxury hub that is Crystal Court in Atlantis while shopping in the Bahamas with an ocean zephyr gently blowing in your face.

With all the beauty the Bahamas brings, there is no shortage of entertainment.

Look Beyond the Beaches

More magnificent treasures await you far from the beach. During your trip, stroll the vibrant streets of Nassau, relax in freshwater, or learn about the history of the Bahamas through the Heritage Museum. Take the time to explore towns like Nassau and Freeport. Go for a nature walk or a vehicle excursion through the pine forests, or walk through the Rand Nature Center, which features bird watching and local artist projects.

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There are many ways to elevate your holiday experience to a whole new level. You can swim in the Bahamas’ largest pool, ride North America’s highest waterslide, and relax in the Bahamas’ private overwater cabanas. Additionally, more than any other municipality in the Bahamas, Nassau encompasses the destination’s history with several historical landmarks. Get a taste of the past by visiting Fort Charlotte, known as the Queen’s Staircase or Pompey Square.

What Are Some of the Must try Cuisines

There are many similarities between the soul food of the south and Bahamian cuisine.  Their cuisine combines a Caribbean tang with its spice to create a signature flavor distinct to the region. For example, Conch is a giant mollusk with a meaty texture that is little known as a culinary component in the United States. It’s used to make conch salad, conch fritters, conch soup, and other dishes.

Another delicious dish to try is peas n’ rice. In this dish, pigeon peas are combined with spices, onions and tomatoes before being added to rice. Peas n’ Rice is the common name for this dish, although it has many savory elements like tomato paste, thyme, and salty pork like bacon. On the other hand, to quench your thirst, Switcha, which many Bahamians regard as the national drink, is a potent companion to dessert or a pleasant drink on a summer day.

What do You Need to Know Before Your Trip

The Bahamas enjoys pleasant temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees. This makes packing a breeze, as you will only need to bring spring and summer dresses. Use local jitneys or buses that run between Nassau and Cable Beach on your trip. Then, visit the Bahamas and take a ferry to Paradise Island, where the Atlantis resort is.

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The Bahamas are the ideal cruise destination. It is a paradise full of blue waters and unlimited fun for all ages. Taking a cruise gives you all the luxuries of a vacation without all the central planning. Take advantage of a cruise in your area and reap all the relaxation benefits.

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