How to Get Packages Delivered to Your Apartment

There are numerous alternatives to having mail delivered to your home. It includes a unit-specific mailbox or parcel locker front door delivery. Or even a secure leasing office. Of course the method by which your mail is delivered will depend not just on the type of apartment. Also the community that you live in, but also on the delivery company you’re dealing with as well. The method of Packages Delivered will also depend on the present situation: the state, country and city you are in.


If your state, country or city you reside in experiences stressful circumstances. Such as an emergency situation in the national level there are some issues in the air. To understand how the situation is changing from day to time it is possible to visit the mail and parcel carrier’s websites. To find out how they’re handling the current situation. Also what services they might offer in the future.

In times of crisis such as a time of emergency, certain websites and parcel transporters like Amazon restrict the selections on the essentials and non-essentials. Only the essential items can be purchased and only the essential items will be shipped.

It is still possible to access your mail in your mailbox or from a parcel locker, which is packages delivered by X Site. If it’s delivered directly to your home or apartment, parcel carriers deliver packages (that do not require signatures) at your door , without any contact in the time of outbreaks of severe viruses. This is to ensure the safety of everyone. There is a possibility of food delivery services delivered to your doorstep instead of delivered to the resident in person, to ensure the safety of all those who reside in.

Protection measures to take in times of crisis

If you pick up packages from the mailbox or locker, you are free to disinfect both your key as well as the box. Once you’ve opened the mail or package and cleaned your hands, you should wash them with hot water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds to eliminate any germs that could have gotten into the package or mail. It’s better to be secure rather than sorry in uncertain times in your state, country or city.


The first step is to be able to comprehend the packages delivered process that is specific to your apartment building in relation to the delivery services: FedEx, Amazon, UPS and USPS. In general you will find that the United States Postal Service uses units-specific mailboxes for mail. Also for bills, magazines and small packages. Mailboxes for tenants vary in size and dimensions. However, as per USPS guidelines, a standard tenant mailbox should not be less than 3 inches tall. Plus 12 inches in width and fifteen inches in depth. For items that aren’t suitable for placement into your standard-sized apartment mailboxes, the mailman will secure the package inside a locker in the mail section of the apartment complex.

What’s the meaning of a locker for parcels?

Parcel lockers are more substantial mailboxes that can be accessible with a lock left by the mailman. It is within your mailbox for your unit. The purpose of a parcel locker is to store any parcel that’s too big for your mailbox . It’s a shared mailbox that is shared with other residents of your apartment. Packages for only one resident (or the unit) can be put in each locker at one period of time (for security reasons).

Unfortunately, the key that was left in the unit-specific mailbox won’t let you into the secret chamber; however, it will allow you inside the locker and find the package. There must be plenty of parcel lockers, with at minimum, one locker for every 10 mailboxes. There must be enough lockers to handle the amount of rental units. Especially since the growth of online shopping in popularity. Also the deliver site is able to only put (shove) the requisite amount of packages into one mailbox at one time.


But that doesn’t mean that parcel lockers won’t be used to store excess mail. It isn’t able to fit into your mailbox. In the event that your mailbox is packed and the site can’t fit bills in (bills and bills, go away , return on next day). Then you’ll need to check the mail more often. Do your loved Packages Delivered company a favor, and empty your mailbox regularly.

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