How To Get a Better Night’s Sleep During Menopause

If you’ve recently begun menopause, you’re no stranger to sweating, hot flashes, headaches, and moodiness. A quick search on Google will reassure you that these symptoms are completely normal, but of course, they do not feel normal. It is true that these symptoms have a clear explanation, though — as your body reduces its production of estrogen and progesterone, the hormonal shift can dysregulate the hypothalamus, which is tasked with controlling the body’s temperature. This, in turn, is likely to disrupt your sleep schedule and cause insomnia. If you’re tired of menopause sweating and you want to enjoy sleep again, consider the following tips.

Establish a Routine for Sleep Every Night

Menopausal insomnia may have a different cause than typical insomnia, but many of the solutions are the same. Just as a typical insomnia sufferer would set a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it, so should menopausal women who are struggling with sleep. Of course, simply setting a sleep schedule is unlikely to fix your problems, so you can increase your chances of success by investing in an over the counter natural estrogen replacement. A supplement like this can help to regulate your hormonal fluctuations, and in doing so, subdue the symptoms that are likely causing you to lose sleep.

You should work your supplement into your nightly routine and take it before you plan to go to sleep. Maintaining this routine can help you train your body to rest at night, and this can minimize insomnia, too. Other strategies for reducing insomnia include exercising daily, avoiding naps during the day, and eliminating caffeine from your diet. When used in conjunction with an over the counter supplement, you are more likely to overcome insomnia. You may even find that getting more sleep minimizes many of the other symptoms of menopause, including emotional dysregulation, weight gain, and fatigue.

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Invest in Relief for Your Most Urgent Symptoms

It’s a challenge to find the right treatment option for menopausal symptoms. Some women opt for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in order to alleviate symptoms, but this can cause side effects such as bloating, nausea, swelling, and vaginal bleeding. Luckily, there are over the counter soy menopause relief supplements that offer an effective alternative to medical intervention. These supplements utilize the phytoestrogenic properties of soy to mimic the effects of hormone replacement therapy. The result is immediate relief without any of the side effects associated with HRT.

Soy has repeatedly been shown to minimize menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, emotional disturbances, and yes, insomnia. This is due to its ability to replicate some of the functions of estrogen in the body. Soy is chemically similar to the estrogen that naturally occurs in the body, so it is able to offset many of the symptoms that are triggered by the body’s reduced estrogen production during menopause. If you’re looking for safe and all-natural relief that will help you sleep better at night, this is it. Invest in a supplement that can minimize menopausal insomnia.

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