How to Become a Great student?

After class, schedule a 10- to 15-minute study session as soon as possible. To make your notes easier to grasp later, fill in any gaps and indicate any unanswered issues or topics you don’t understand. Consider the following scenario: you have only one hour between classes.

You may set aside a 30-minute study session and use half of it to go over your first-class notes. Then review your notes or homework for the next lesson during the second part of that session. Teachers should have qualities of a good teacher

You can type up your notes in narrative or outline format later in a regular study session. When you’re learning, this will make things easier to understand. After a long day, it’s important to unwind and decompress in the evenings. 

Make time to study in the mornings and between classes. Make it a daily aim to finish all of your studying before dinner. Your intuition may indicate that you study later in the day after your classes are over. Technology changing the face of education is good. 

If you study till the wee hours of the morning, your body and mind will begin to shut down by the time the sun sets, and you won’t remember nearly as much. It’s fine if you can’t fit all of your studies into the daytime hours. 

Take more frequent breaks if your school schedule, work, or extracurricular activities prevent you from studying during the day. It will make it easier for you to recall the information. You’ll get more out of each class if you read ahead because you’ll know what the teacher will say. 

If you don’t understand something, make a list of questions to ask the teacher. Reading ahead can also help you see how the information you’re now learning fits into the larger picture. Educating a student in your class who is suffering from something you believe you know a lot about will help you remember it even better. 

Perhaps more crucially, teaching forces you to recall what you’ve learned previously, making it easier to do so in the future. Study groups are beneficial, but you should consider going outside of your class as well.

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It’s also useful for teaching a younger child since it requires you to clarify complex concepts and use more straightforward language, rather than simply repeating what your teacher said or what you read in a textbook. 

You can be more productive during the day if you divide your time into pieces. Before allocating study time, prioritise your schoolwork and other activities. For example, you could study for a half-hour before class in the morning, a half-hour at lunch, and another half-hour in the afternoon. 

If you squeeze in another half-hour before or after dinner, you’ll have studied for a total of 2 hours throughout the day! You won’t even notice if you split down your study time into small chunks. You’ll remember more of what you’ve learned as well. Take a break every hour or so if you’re studying for more than an hour. 

Make sure you have any books or other materials you’ll need before the first day of class. If possible, get them a few days before class starts so you can browse through them and get a feel for the topics you’ll be covering. For instance, for each class, you could keep a binder with sections for notes, assignments, and returned papers.

If your class has a syllabus, place it in the front, and if you have any class instruments, such as a calculator, purchase a 3-hole bag to store them in your binder. Making a homework binder with a space for each class is another way to keep organised. 

Place your assignments in the appropriate section of your homework binder and carry them with you at all times so you don’t forget to do them! When you’re well-organized, everything goes more smoothly. 

You won’t have to waste time looking for that book or worrying about running out of supplies before class starts. Also, keep your study area tidy and clean. To combat procrastination, keep all of your study materials within easy reach.

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