How Much Does a Loft Extension Cost?

Loft extensions can be a nice and cheap way of adding extra space to your property. Besides that, a well-executed loft extension project will improve the value of your house. However, loft extension projects may not be easy as they look on paper.

A lot goes on when working on smaller spaces, and if not done right, the project can end up destroying the overall look of your property. You should always hire experts, including architects and interior designers, for the extension project.

Like any other project, the price for a loft extension may vary depending on various factors. Below we will look at how much a loft extension can cost and what to consider when calculating the costs.

Architect Fees

Hiring an architect can be expensive, so most people avoid getting one for their extension project. However, an architect can differentiate between a well-executed project and an awful design. This is why we recommend getting an architect for your loft extension project.

The architect’s fees will vary depending on a couple of factors, especially their years of experience. You can hire an architect on a full-time contract, including managing the project. However, if you are on a budget, you can get a freelance architect for a cheaper fee or hire one for an hourly rate.

Material Cost

What will you be using in your loft extension project? This will also vary depending on the final design you want to implement on the project. You can reduce the cost of materials needed for the project by reusing some materials or avoiding pulling down walls where necessary.

Consult a construction expert from Humphreysandsons who will help you estimate the cost of materials needed for the project. They will also recommend cheaper options for the project to help cut costs while maintaining the final product’s quality.

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Miscellaneous Expenses

Extension projects can sometimes be complicated. Look at it this way: you may need to have the plumbing and electrical wiring redone for the whole house. This inconvenience will also affect your family, and you may need to move out while waiting for the work to be completed.

Here, we recommend setting aside a budget for renting a hotel room for the time being. Moving your family out is also a great idea, especially if the construction will involve a lot of noise and dust pollution.

Bottom Line

The price of a loft extension may vary, but an experienced construction expert can help you find the right estimates during budgeting. Always set aside a contingency budget that will come in handy if you need something extra that was not in the initial budget.

Besides the budget, ensure that you have a permit and planning permission from the authorities before you begin the project. Please get the necessary plans and permits to ensure the progress of your project. You may be forced to halt the extension works or pull down the structure until you get the required permits. You will also incur heavy fines if charged in a court of law. This will also affect the project’s timeline leading to extra costs and expenses.

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