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Five Best Countries for Real Estate Investment

According to Grand View Research, the current estate market will be valued at $3.81 trillion in 2022, at a growth rate of 5.2%. And from the look of things, it doesn’t look like it is slowing down any soon because the revenue has been forecasted at $5.85 trillion by 2030. Although the estate business is doing wonderfully well in most countries, there are others that are doing far better than others.

And in most of these countries, other complementary housing businesses like Asset Protection, Estate Recovery, etc., are thriving, and companies like the Scott Counsel have already started making a name for themselves in that regard. This article will be focused on mentioning those countries that should top the priority of anyone wishing to go into real estate investment. Below, they are detailed thus:

Top 5 Countries to Consider for Estate Investment

  1. Poland

According to available data, this East European country has a real estate prove growth rate of 2.3%. This has made it one of the best emerging housing markets in the world, with foreign investment surging by 26% in the last ten years. And the most impressive part is that the country was in 2021 ranked the 20th most attractive real estate market in the world.

  1. Germany

With one of the biggest GDPs per capita in the world, Germany’s growing GDP has been linked to the increase in its real estate sector. As of 2020-2021, the country’s GDP saw a growth of 8.1% in its real estate industry and has stabilized by 2.5% market growth ever since. This progress has been attributed to the ever-encouraging legislative backing, which is accompanied by numerous legal frameworks it has been given.

  1. Denmark

Denmark, with an 11.7% surge in housing prices in 2021, and a progressive increase in that sector, they have ranked tops among the most real estate markets to invest in. Analysts believe that the none interest on housing loans is responsible for the high housing demand in that country. And for the fact that Denmark is economically and politically stable makes it the perfect investment destination for prospective real estate investors.

  1. Russia

Before the war in Ukraine broke out, Russia’s real estate growth stood at 4.4% for the past 15 years. Unlike most countries with less attractive real estate markets, Russia has the right legislative backing for its real estate market. And for the fact that most of the real estate countries are gone at the moment as a protest for the invasion of Ukraine makes it even more attractive for interested investors.

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  1. The United Kingdom

According to available data, the United Kingdom’s estate market had an increase of 4.4% from 1992 to 2021. The reason for the favourable real estate environment in the UK is attributed to the 0.1% low mortgage it has introduced in the country. Also, the strong political and legal backing makes it a perfect playground for future real estate investment.

Finally, investing in real estate does not add to the existing housing projects. It has more to do with development: adding useful housing infrastructures where needed. But note there may be other countries where the real estate investment may be grossly attractive, but the ones we mentioned above are considered tops on the list.

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