Elle Bielfeldt: Who is Miles Leonard Wife?

Elle Bielfeldt is a businesswoman, blogger, and the co-founder of the food company Level Foods. She is also the wife of NBA player Meyers Leonard. She has an extensive social network. She was born in Illinois and has three younger sisters. The couple married in 2011. The couple has no children yet, but she is an athlete. She has a background in basketball and has also pursued a degree in advertising.

Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The couple has two daughters, Lydia and Max. Elle grew up in Peoria, Illinois and was part of the Notre Dame girls’ basketball team. She also played basketball and attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she earned her advertising degree. They have no children at this time. But Elle Bielfeldt has a net worth of $15 million. She is known to have a healthy lifestyle and is an entrepreneur, as well.

According to the Forbes, Elle is worth $5 million. She is a successful businesswoman who is involved in several businesses. She is a co-founder of Level Foods, which deals with nutrition and health. She is a part-time blogger and runs a nutritional blog, where she regularly talks about healthy living. In addition to her work, she has a podcast, where she discusses nutrition and sports.

Italian Father & American Mother

Elle Bielfeldt was born to an Italian father and American mother. She studied at the University of Illinois, and was vice-president of the sorority. She was active in the American Advertising Federation and honed her marketing skills at a young age. Her husband is a successful basketball player, and she is his business partner. Their marriage was a long-lasting relationship, and the two are proud parents.

Daughter of David & Julie Bielfeldt

Her husband has a son, named Miles. She is the daughter of David and Julie Bielfeldt. She attended the University of Illinois, where she met her husband. elle has been married to Miles Leonard since August 2015. While she is the wife of the famous NBA player Miles Leonard, she also has a brother. This is the reason why she is the best known actress of her generation.

Second-Born Child of Meyers Leonard

She is the second-born child of Meyers Leonard, a professional basketball player. The couple’s relationship has been very public for many years. In addition to the NBA star, she is also the wife of entrepreneur Miles Leonard. Despite her lack of basketball experience, she played in high school and college. They got married in 2014, and she is now a well-known blogger.

Popular NBA Player

While Miles Leonard is a popular NBA player, he is also an entrepreneur. Her husband is a successful businessman, so his wife is the right person to lead his company. She co-founded Level Foods and has co-founded the Meyers Leonard Brand. She is a businesswoman, and she has worked with her husband since the very beginning. But how does she manage the brand?

The first marriage of Miles Leonard and Elle Bielfeldt began in college. Their love for one another started while she was still a student. She met Meyers in her senior year of college through a mutual friend, Mike Davis. The two dated. The marriage was finalized on 2 August 2015. Besides their careers, they also have a business. She is the owner of a healthy food brand and an advisor for the Leonard Legacy Foundation.

Good Relationships

The second marriage of Meyers Leonard and Elle Bielfeldt began in 2006. She and Miles Leonard were married in October 2012. They had a baby on December 1, 2021. Their son is born in Illinois and will be named after her. Both have good relationships with their children. Their husbands are married for a total of three years. And their relationship is a testament to the love they share.

Final Words:

In 2016, Elle Bielfeldt married NBA player Meyers Leonard. The couple was married on August 2, 2015. She is 29 years old and has a net worth of $5 million. elle played basketball for the Peoria Notre Dame girls’ team. She also founded Level Foods, a lifestyle clothing brand. elle has also worked as a spin coach for Burn Cycle and Level Foods.


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