Country to Country Style Guide: Dress, Prep, and Revel in History

Welcome, country music aficionados! The Country to Country (C2C) music festival is not just an event; it’s a vibe, a lifestyle, an immersive experience into the heart and soul of country music.

As the cymbals crash and guitars serenade, you’ll want to ensure you’re both looking the part and are well-prepared for this musical soiree. So, saddle up as we dive into the history, wardrobe essentials, and the quintessential C2C checklist.

The Legendary Lore of Country to Country

Launched in 2013, the Country to Country festival quickly earned its stripes as Europe’s biggest country music festival. Hosted across major cities like London, Glasgow, and Dublin, it annually gathers thousands of fans. What makes C2C unique? It bridges the Atlantic, bringing Nashville’s heart and soul to European shores. Over the years, artists like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood have graced its stages, further cementing its iconic status.

Dressing Country Music Festival

Classic Cowboy Boots: Whether you’re a guy or gal, a pair of polished cowboy boots is a C2C staple. Pro-tip: Break them in before the festival for dance-all-night comfort, maybe a platform sandal can be a better choice.

Denim Delights: From jackets to jeans, denim is the unofficial fabric of country music. Opt for a worn-in look or even a Canadian tuxedo (denim-on-denim) if you’re feeling adventurous!

Country Hats: Wide-brimmed, cowboy, or even a simple baseball cap with your favorite country lyric – the choice is yours. Remember, hats are as functional (hello, sun protection) as they are stylish.

Plaid and More Plaid: A plaid shirt is versatile, comfy, and oh-so-country. Tie it around your waist during the day and button it up as the evening chill sets in. Another option can be a black mini skirt that match with any type of shoes.

Accessorize with Spirit: Think leather belts with oversized buckles, turquoise jewelry, or bandana neck scarves. Accessories can elevate your look from simple to standout.

C2C Survival Kit – Must-Have Items

Hydration Station: Carry a reusable water bottle. Dancing to those country beats will get your thirst on!

Portable Power: A portable charger ensures you won’t miss capturing any magical music moments.

Ear Protection: Especially if you’re closer to the stage, earplugs can be a lifesaver.

Comfort First: If you’re not in the standing section, a lightweight, foldable blanket or chair can enhance your comfort.

Weather-Ready: The UK’s weather is notoriously unpredictable. Pack a light rain poncho or a hat and sunblock, depending on the forecast.

Cash & Card: While most vendors will accept cards, having some cash can save you time in potential long card-only queues.

A Few Things to Remember

Venue Rules: Different venues may have different rules. Check in advance about bag sizes, allowed items, and other guidelines.

Schedule & Plan: With multiple artists and stages, plan your day to catch your must-see performances.

Engage Beyond Music: C2C is also about the culture. Explore vendor stalls, engage in workshops, and savor the full festival experience.

Stay Safe and Respectful: While it’s all about fun, ensure you respect fellow festival-goers’ space and boundaries. Look out for each other and create a positive environment for everyone.

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In Conclusion

Country to Country isn’t just a festival; it’s a deep dive into the world of country music and its rich tapestry of sounds, stories, and emotions. As you prep for this musical journey, embrace the spirit of the festival, dress the part, and immerse yourself in the harmonies and histories of country music.

Whether you’re a seasoned C2C veteran or a first-time attendee, with the right outfit and essentials, you’re set to experience country music like never before. Here’s to twanging guitars, soulful lyrics, and a festival experience that will resonate for years to come! 

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