Can You Wear a Tennis Bracelet with a Watch?

Tennis bracelets have been considered a classic piece of jewelry, and why not. It goes well with all kinds of accessories, whether you wear a solitaire ring, a normal engagement ring, earrings, a necklace, etc.

And the good thing is, it showcases your diamond trinkets better than any other jewelry item can. This is perhaps the reason behind its popularity.

Another of the many reasons why we love tennis bracelets is that it is among the most practical ornament. You cannot roam around your house or go to the office wearing giant danglers, but you can carry an intricately detailed tennis bracelet.

Why Tennis Bracelets are Trending

A tennis bracelet makes a style statement as no other trinket can. In addition, it is one of the most practical and contemporary jewelry pieces ever to exist. This particular type of diamond tennis bracelet showcases a simple and sleek design, which is incomparable.

The design makes it lightweight. Hence it goes with most of your outfits, making it all the more worth buying. Buying tennis bracelets would be easy in the sense that there are various designs and styles to choose from. And when you opt for lab-grown diamonds, the range widens.

It looks chic yet stunning, flaunting around your wrist. But if you’re here wondering whether it is an excellent choice to wear a tennis diamond bracelet with a watch, the answer is “Yes, you can!”

However, don’t take this proposition too lightly because of the following reasons:

Tennis bracelets are sleek and thinner than the wrist watch.
An over-sized watch can hide the sparkling diamonds, which you wouldn’t want
The wrong color combination can also go against your looks

So, be very careful while styling your tennis bracelet with a watch.

Take a look at the following tips to ensure that the bracelet-watch combo works perfectly.

Top 6 Ways to Style a Tennis Bracelet on Wrist with a Watch

There are different ways of styling it for a more impressive look. But here are a few tips you can use.

1.Mix Different Materials

So, the first way to style a tennis bracelets with a watch is if you mix and match different materials. You should open your jewelry box and find the most intricate bands and bracelets you have.

For example, a tennis bracelet would look gorgeous with a leather watch. You can also add a charms bracelet to the stack to make your hand look more full.

It leaves a significant impact, and you’re surely going to turn heads on your way to the office or a party.

However, while you’re mixing and matching materials, we would suggest laying off metals. For example, pairing a tennis bracelet with another metal bracelet or a watch would be a recipe for disaster.

These pieces tend to scratch each other, which would neither be suitable for your bracelet nor your watch. So, try different materials but avoid similar ones.

Also, the watch you choose to pair your tennis bracelet with is a personal preference. We recommend a simple round dial with a leather band.

2.Infuse Some Color

After you have gone through the idea of mixing and matching materials, you can also try adding a splash of color to your gorgeous piece of jewelry.

While the tennis bracelet can feature some beautifully crafted stones such as sapphires or aquamarines, we are referring to adorning a colorful watch or a colored dial to add dimension to your accessories.

Don’t forget to match both accessories with your outfit to ensure your trinkets don’t look out of place.

3.Wear It With White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

White gold diamond tennis bracelets are the classiest and the most elegant. So, if you decide to wear a luxury watch alongside, that would make an impeccable style statement.

You have the luxury of wearing a colored watch
You can wear an elegant timepiece

Don’t forget to adorn a stunning solitaire ring in the other hand & you’re good to go.

4.Never Wear Everything at Once

The secret to styling a tennis bracelet with a watch is that you don’t wear all your accessories simultaneously. A tennis bracelet symbolizes luxury and grace. So you might want to pair it with a watch that speaks the same.

Also, consider your body type and wrist size when wearing a wristwatch and tennis bracelet. For instance, if you have slender wrists, wearing a bulky watch and a tennis bracelet will be a bit overdoing.

Instead, you can choose a sleek watch with which to pair your stunning bracelet. Also, don’t forget to leave a gap between the watch and the bracelet to make your accessories look more impressive.

5.Be Careful While Wearing a Watch with Tennis Bracelet for Men

This tip is particularly for men who want to style their watches with a tennis bracelet. While you’re choosing your accessories, ensure they’re the same size. Men enjoy wearing loose timepieces, which look great but not in this case.

Just imagine how it would look if your wrist had completely covered your tennis bracelet because it is one size bigger. It will not only look bulky but will hide your tennis bracelet completely.

So, while styling these accessories, buy accurate sizes for both.

6.Create a Balance

Lastly, if you want to create the perfect balance between your accessories, you can wear your tennis bracelet on one arm and wristwatch on the other.

There is no rule of thumb that you must wear these accessories together. You can wear them separately but together and still make them look stunning.

Also, don’t forget to wear matching studs to complete your look.

Final Verdict

If you want to ensure that while you’re styling your wristwatch with a tennis bracelet, it should look stylish, then don’t forget to invest in fashionable wristwatches.

The only way both these accessories will look impeccable is if one complements the other. Considering how a tennis bracelet is the very definition of elegance, it can take a lot of work to find a watch that matches its style and standard. But it doesn’t hurt to look.

Keep it simple, play around with colors but never wear metals together for the sake of your jewelry. We hope these tips help you style a tennis bracelet with a wristwatch like a pro.


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