Can You Use a Cut Throat Razor on Yourself?

When you go to the barber’s shop, you can enjoy a clean shave thanks to them using a straight razor. It is an enjoyable experience and a way to treat yourself. But one common question that often arises is; can you use a cut throat razor on yourself? The answer is yes.

A lot of people assume because this is a service at a barber shop that they cannot use this shaving tool at home on themselves. But, this is simply not true. It is not becoming popular to buy a straight razor instead of disposable or electric ones. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know.

Can You Use a Cut Throat Razor at Home?

So, we have already answered this question. The answer is yes; you can use a cut throat razor at home and on yourself. While this grooming tool will initially cost more than other options out there, it can give you the clean shave you are looking for and is better than a disposable razor. What’s more, it has minimal ongoing costs, so many people find that it can save them money eventually. What’s more, it can even be better for the environment since you no longer use disposable blades.

But, back to the point. Yes, it is safe to use a cut throat razor on yourself. The most important thing before you do this is that you learn how to use one. First, you need to buy a quality straight razor. Then, you need to learn how to hold this grooming tool and the best ways to target the hair you want to remove. Thankfully, there are plenty of tutorials online that are going to show you how to do this properly. One of the reasons why people question if you can use a straight razor on yourself is because it has such a sharp blade. Indeed, you could injure yourself if you rush or guess. So, learning the right techniques keeps you safe, as well as delivers the best shave.

What are the Benefits of Using a Cut Throat Razor?

Are you not sure whether using a cut throat razor is the best option for you? Well, here are some of the main benefits of using one so you can decide for yourself.

Good for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin and can there be redness present after shaving? You might be worried about using such a sharp blade and whether it is going to cause more irritation. Well, the answer is no. It is actually going to be better for those that have sensitive skin. 

Due to the sharp blade, you will need fewer passes. What’s more, the blade itself is easier to keep clean, which can reduce the chance of irritation. As long as you prepare the skin, you can enjoy a close shave with no redness.

Enjoy a Closer Shave

When you are using a poor-quality razor, it is going to be difficult to enjoy a close shave. You can end up missing many hairs and it grows back very quickly. What’s more, you can run your hand over your skin, and it does not feel smooth. It is like you have wasted your time. 

Well, you can use a cut throat razor and avoid this scenario. Since the blade is sharp, you can get all of the hairs in fewer passes. What’s more, it takes the hair away and removes any stubble. So, the results are better and last longer.

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Blades Last a Long Time

Perhaps you are getting fed up with buying new blades for your razor all the time. Well, this is certainly not something you have to worry about with a cut throat razor. Instead, this is a blade that is going to last you for many years. All you have to do is maintain the blade when it starts to go blunt. You can use a leather strop to sharpen it.

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