Auto Repair Shop Automation With Protractor Software Inc.

Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework for Angular applications that uses Selenium WebDriver to automate browser interactions and simulate user actions, and supports popular testing frameworks like Jasmine, Mocha and Cucumber.

Protractor provides auto repair shops with an all-in-one platform designed to efficiently complete tasks such as customer historical invoice lookup, parts ordering from major suppliers and closing accounting journal entries.

Schedule & Inspect

Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework designed to assist developers with testing Angular web apps across multiple browsers and devices. It integrates seamlessly with tools like NodeJS, Selenium Webdriver, and Jasmine Mocha Cucumber for automation testing; furthermore it supports locator strategies specific to the framework and supports it seamlessly.

Auto repair shops using this platform can use one program to schedule, inspect, educate and estimate their operations efficiently. Its dashboard view of work loads for each technician and flagging feature for problem areas quickly allows quick and easy access.

Furthermore, this platform comes equipped with factory scheduled maintenance that automatically sends reminders when a customer’s car needs inspection or servicing. You can click the link: for more information about scheduling car maintenance.

Technicians can utilize a mobile app that synchronizes with both back office and shop management systems to conduct digital vehicle inspections, sending this information out directly to customers so they can sign the inspection, receive it via text message or sign it on an app themselves. In addition, shop managers can offer customers primary and secondary financing.

This company works to bring cutting edge technology to automotive aftermarket repair shops and tire stores. Their staff and management have deep ties within the industry. Multi-location businesses can utilize various tools provided by them to manage shop operations more effectively.

Order Parts

Peter Steele, president of Toronto-based Protractor Software Inc., notes that an effective inventory tracking and management program can dramatically increase gross profits for any shop. Protractor’s software enables this by linking costs incurred from jobbers or distributors with prices required to turn a profit. This information is then used by management and accounting systems to effectively control bottom-line expenses.

Once a work order has been created, service advisors can use catalog lookup to quickly find parts from RepairLink Shop before ordering them within Protractor – automatically synching to digital work orders that technicians can review and sign off once repairs have been approved.

Protractor is an all-in-one automotive shop management software program tailored for progressive shop owners. The tool assists users with all tasks required of running an operation from scheduling and inspection to ordering parts from suppliers and closing accounting journal entries. You can visit for more information. Many users find this tool beneficial.

The software also features a consumer financing component, offering pre-approvals and financing directly within the application. This connects service writers and customers to lenders within the auto repair industry while offering financing to low credit customers that may help close more recommended repairs.

Educate & Estimate

Protractor was designed with shop owners in mind, enabling users to schedule and educate customers about auto repair estimates, inspections and more.

The cloud-based solution connects software solutions in order to facilitate processes efficiently while still prioritizing automation. Businesses can set automatic reminders as well as monitor revenue performance real time using this innovative service.

ScienceSoft’s automated testing team performed functional web application testing, including regression testing, of this US-based SaaS company that allows their clients to edit briefings online using an editor web app known as briefing editor. You can visit this site to learn more about SaaS. Tests were run using an Angular application testing framework with native events and browser-specific drivers to simulate how users would interact with it directly.

Autoshop Solutions has also integrated Protractor into their ROI marketing tool for shops to match repair orders with SMS dashboard, providing them with real time insight into return on investment of marketing dollars spent.

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Remind & Monitor

Protractor offers an automated tool to remind and track customers so they return. Its software assists with scheduling, operations, inspections, invoicing and provides managers with an instant business dashboard for measuring performance.

Jodi, an auto repair shop owner, reports being satisfied with her switch to Protractor. The integration has helped make her shop more organized and expand sales. One thing she plans to do in the future is to utilize the app’s features in order to track each technician’s clock-in and clock-out times in order to identify those who are chronically late or taking excess breaks; this may help her discover ways to increase team efficiency.

Additionally, she is working towards making it easier for her mechanics to clock out when their jobs are complete – something which will save both clicks and time.

Protractor also offers automated cross-browser testing through Selenium WebDriver and Tenon API, allowing users to test their application across browsers and real devices using one test script – saving users from manually adding wait(s) and sleep(s). Furthermore, users have access to run tests remotely on remote servers for improved performance and accessibility.

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