Allison Stokke: Who is Rory Mcilroy’s Wife?

Allison Stokke is a model and former athlete. She competed in beauty pageants and broke her own pole vaulting record during high school. After failing to qualify for the Olympics, Stokke turned to modeling. She has appeared in several campaigns for brands like Nike and Athleta, as well as commercials for GoPro and Samsung. In addition, she has become an online sensation after tying the knot with golfer Rickie Fowler.


While Rickie Fowler proposed to Stokke in Southampton, New York, the couple married in Cabo. The couple had originally planned to marry in the Bahamas, but Hurricane Dorian forced them to change the location. In addition to being a model, Allison Stokke was a professional pole vaulter and she felt that the attention she received was degrading to her work.

Model & Athlete

Besides being a model and athlete, Allison Stokke is also a successful pole vaulter. In October 2018, she married Mark Akins Garcia, a professional motorcycle racer. The two met at the MotoGP event in Austin in 2017. The two have a daughter, Maya. The couple support each other’s careers and are friends with their families. Both of them are passionate about sports.

Social Media Presence

After being married to Rory Mcilroy, Stokke has maintained a social media presence. She posts frequently on Instagram and is a regular guest on other golf websites. Her husband and son are also involved in the game. He has a number of friends on Twitter and has a large online following. If you are a fan of the tournament, you can follow Allison Stokke on Instagram.

Son & Daughter

After the couple’s wedding, they have a son and a daughter. The two met in 2012 at the MotoGP event in Austin, Texas. After a few years of dating, the couple dated and began spending time together. They met in Austen, Texas, and were first spotted playing in a motorcycle race. As of this writing, they have not confirmed their relationship and are not yet engaged.

Husband & Family

While Rickie Fowler’s wife, Allison Stokke, is a model, a sportswoman, and a model. She and her husband are expecting their first child in August 2019. She is a fan of her husband, and he shares her passion for sports. The two live in Jupiter, Florida, and spends her time with her husband and family.

The two have a daughter, Maya, and a daughter, Bryson, and they met at a Moto event in Austin in 2017. The two are also devoted to their careers and are very supportive of each other. She’s active on social media, and has a sister who loves the sport. She is still pursuing her pole vaulting career, and has a daughter who has a bachelor’s degree.


The couple married in March 2018 and had a daughter, Maya, in September 2018. Her husband is a sportsman and his wife both have vast social media followings. They are active in both fields, and their fans are supportive of their careers. Interestingly, both are very active on Instagram. The two have a massive social media following, with over 600,000 followers on Instagram.

In addition to her husband, Stokke has a large following on social media. She has a huge following on Instagram, and she has even shared pictures of her family. If you’re curious about the couple’s personal life, you can also check out their daughter’s name on her social media pages. They have a long-lasting love affair.

Final Words:

While her husband has been in the spotlight for quite some time, Allison Stokke is still a model. She started dating Rickie Fowler in 2017 and the two were engaged in June of that year. They married in November. The two live in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have a son together, and their relationship is still very public. However, she also enjoys yoga, cycling, and paddling.


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