5 Things to do on your Trip to Phuket

Thailand is popular all around the world for its tourism and brilliant hospitality. When it comes to tourist attractions, the opportunities are endless in Thailand. All the cities and islands of the country have something unique to offer and Phuket is no different. When it comes to spending time on this famous island, there is a long list of things you can do. The islands are a sight to sea and with the beaches comes various beach activities. The city stays awake all night long and the fun never stops. If you are an adventure lover or a party animal or if you like taking pictures of wonderful locations, there is something for everyone in Phuket.

The islands are always alive with activity and the beach clubs are the best resting place when you get tired. Order a drink to freshen up and get on with your day loaded with fun. And if you want to experience something different, make sure you check out the weekend night market for night wears or you can buy them online from LM intimates. There is so much to do in Phuket that you would not have a second to waste. But make these five things your priority for ultimate fun on your trip.

  1. Take a boat tour at Phang Nga Bay

A boat tour any day in Phang Nga Bay offers spectacular views with limestone rocks and amazing scenery. When booking a Phuket tour package, make sure you keep some time out to visit Phang Nga Bay. It is even better if you stay there for more than a day because there is so much to do that one day just would not be enough. The beaches are relaxing and sunny and water activities have no limits. Go scuba diving or snorkeling and experience the beauty underneath. Visit the floating Muslim Island for a nice meal or check out the famous James Bond island that is not so far away.

2. Go Out and Party All Night Long

In Patong, Bangla Road is famous for its vibrant nightlife. As the sun sets, the city wakes up under the lights of all the bars and restaurants. The sound of music fills the air as you dance the night away with no care in the world. Phuket is the ideal nightlife and party destination in Thailand and once the party gets started nothing in the world can stop it. Let loose as you give yourself into the crazy atmosphere of drinks and dance and never-ending fun and when you are in Phuket, party all night long.

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3. Watch the Sunset from Promthep Cape

If you love sunsets, take your time out one evening to go to the rocky headland known as Promthep Cape. The hill and the sea become one as they merge together in harmony. And when the sun sets, the sky lights up in different shades of color and the scenery in front of you is picture perfect. The calming sea and the colorful sunset would create an everlasting image in your memory that you will always treasure. When we say, sunsets have never been better, trust us to be telling the truth.

4. Get Crazy with Some Watersports

You are on an island, you are hanging out on beaches, the sea is calm and the clear water is inviting, it is only fair of you to accept that invitation and jump into the water to have some fun. Some beaches are famous for kite surfing and you have numerous options to try seasonal sports or sailing. There is nothing to stop you from having the time of your life as you take part in various water sports. They are thrilling and refreshing and at the end of the day, they always put you in a better mood.

5. Go Island Hopping

Phi Phi is the most famous island in Phuket, it is the star of the country but it is not the only island you must visit. Phuket islands are full of surprises and what is more fun exploring these beauties than by island hopping. The tropical islands offer breathtaking views and you feel like you have come to a place far away from the world, far away from all the noise and in full embrace of nature. All the islands are unique and beautiful in their own way and island hopping is definitely worth it when you are in Phuket.

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